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       KZ Craft started in 1985 doing craft shows and supplying stores.
    From 1987 until 1990, we supplied the Philadelphia Flyers with various style clocks, magnets and keychains.                                                                                                              

      KZ Craft has worked on projects with Walter Lee Inc. throughout the years, and with the close of Walter Lee Inc. we will continue his fire, police, organization plaques and awards.

      The products will be made with the same workmanship and quality that their customers are use to.

    KZ Craft also makes seasonal garden decor, clocks, and addresses.

      Our Website is constantly changing, hopefully for the better. We will show products we have made for customers, so you can get a wider range of options available to you.

    If there is a special project you need to have quoted, feel free to contact us at:
    215-675-5058 or email us

    Also visit us on Facebook!

    Note:Engraving and shipping not included.
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